Exams Week

cheng cheng~ It's EXAMS WEEK,did you feel stress? I look wan recently, not enough sleep seriously T^T No idea what should i blog about, just share the pic~

 huhu, my dear was concentrated in study 


a few minutes ago~~~~~~~~~~

 he started to playing =.=

 say hi to everyone,hahaha XD     If let he know i upload this pic he will kill me ><

 capture by my little cousin =]


pinky mood~

yuhoo hello everyone, i know everybody was miss me so much, so i come update my post as soon LOL Just kidding jek XD I really wanna blogging but dun know what should i blog about ><

Alright, the exam was began already, cheer up and good luck everyone =) I will fail the exam this time, cause i did not prepared anything for my exam, never mind i will work hard next year XD Hope it really work =.=

Day out with my dear and friends to Sg today, wanna watch the 3D movie but the cinema did not show 3D in 'The Child's Eyes' , disappointed~ The movie was not very nice but some scene really impressed me, it was a dog face human body's freak !

the freak was behind Rainie ><

my dear look so nice in this pic =D

i have a very unbalanced under eye bags XD

Blogging til here, goodnite everyone, muacks ~



There are someone called himself banana, u really look such as banana, what a bastard banana, i feel shamed for u, suck banana, disgusted on banana .

Because of you, i will change myself, i will not let the people around me are being bully, it was all thanks to you !



the fucking period was make my mood terrible, i almost sufferer from depression, i dun wan to be a girl afterlife !!!


02.10.10 Sunny

A sunny Saturday , went to Sg with my dear Pang , although kena "FANG SHENG" , but my dear still wanna come and find me , he said as the promise , he must do it , so touching , damn love u dear ❤

i forced he went to GUAN YIN TEMPLE at Bugis xD

in my bag , it's all RABBIT ❤

then i went to take class myself , my teacher gave me a KINDER BUENO as a Children's Day gift , a long long time have' t receive the Children's Day gift already~
Damn tired now , going sleep , goodnite everyone , sweet dreams =)